Viventor Review

What is Viventor?

Viventor is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace for pre-funded loans similar to many platforms we all know and love but with some unique features that make the platform a great alternative for people looking to invest their money. The platform is located in Riga, Latvia and it was established in January 2016. There are about 5,600 registered investors on the platform and they have invested a total of over 81 million Euros. Loan shares are listed on Viventor, where the minimum investment is €10 per loan and annual returns as high as 16%.

Viventor Front Page


Viventor is currently offering the highest rates among European p2p lending platforms. Loans that are covered with Buyback Guarantee can yield up to 16%. That is actually pretty impressive considering the fact that the highest rate even on Mintos was 15.1%!

Primary market Investments Viventor


As you can see on the screenshot below, loans on Viventor are primarily consumer loans but they also provide lines of credit, invoice financing, business, and a few mortgage loans as well. Loan durations rage from just a few days to as long as 5 years.

Viventor Loan Stats

Loan liquidity

Viventor is pretty liquid and you can buy loans from the primary as well as the secondary market. Currently (May 2019), there are around 3,000 different loans available in the primary and around 7,000 loans available at the secondary market. It is important to note though that some of the loans are rather large so you could still invest a large sum.

Buyback Guarantee

Loans that are not paid on time will be repaid to you after 60 or 90 days by the loan originator (depending on the originator who holds the loan) plus any interest accrued for the period you held the loan. Loans with Buyback Guarantee come with the below tag.

Viventor Buyback Guarantee
Viventor Buyback Guarantee Loan

Payment Guarantee

In the case of Payment Guarantee, the Loan Originator guarantees monthly payments on behalf of the borrower. This is a very nice feature being offered my Viventor because it can give you a more dependable cash flow and a more stable passive income stream. Loans with Payment Guarantee come with the below tag.

Viventor Payment Guarantee
Viventor Payment Guarantee Loan

Also, it is worth mentioning that almost all of the loans on the platform come with either a Buyback or a Payment Guarantee.

Auto-invest feature

Viventor has the option of auto-investing. As you can see on the screenshot below the auto-invest setting are pretty standard and easy to configure.

Secondary Market

Viventor offers the opportunity to sell and buy loans from other investors like your self at a discount, at a premium or at par value compared to the face value of the loan. That provides liquidity and a possible early exit if you need to withdraw your funds for whatever reason.


Since most loans on Viventor come with either Buyback or Payment Guarantee the risk is whether the loan originator will be able to fulfill their promise to you. It is important to note here that there was not a single incident so far that on originator was not able to fulfill the buyback guarantee. For more information about peer-to-peer lending risks please check the “What Is Peer-to-Peer Lending” article.

Viventor Sign Up Process

The sign-up process is pretty simple. You can click here and go through the steps as they are on the screenshots below. On the final step, you will need to verify your identity by uploading a picture of your ID card, proof of address and a tax resident certificate.

Viventor Competitors

Viventor’s main competitors are Mintos, Grupeer, PeerBerry, ViaInvest, RoboCash, Lenndy, etc. Also, if you want to try something riskier, you can try Bondora. You can click here to read more platform reviews.

Viventor Review – Conclusion

Obviously, Viventor is one of the many p2p lending platforms you can choose from but does the platform deserve your money? With rates as high as 16% and the unique feature of “Payment Guarantee,” I think it deserves a fair shot.

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