PeerBerry Vs Mintos: Which Is Better?

PeerBerry Vs Mintos Introduction

In this article, we will compare two of the most popular p2p lending platforms in Europe. In the PeerBerry vs Mintos post, we will take a look into the rates offered, transparency, statistics, loan liquidity, and a couple of other elements that you should consider when deciding whether to invest in a p2p lending.


When I compare p2p lending platforms, I always start with the rates. Maybe it’s because I am greedy, but I believe it’s only natural and within our human nature. Anyway, rates on both platforms are quite similar right now. The average rate is around 12%. Occasionally you can find loans with higher rates on Mintos than on PeerBerry. Although, that is not guaranteed, and usually you have to buy loans with long maturities to take advantage of them. What I like with PeerBerry is that rates have remained consistent as far as I have invested in the platform, and that means you can run your passive income calculations better. 

There is no real edge between the two platforms in that regard. This could be seasonal and when rates on Mintos go up you could give the point to Mintos here.


Many investors prefer PeerBerry vs Mintos because they specialize in short-term loans, and that provides better liquidity. However, with Mintos, you can find a wider variety of loans, and with PeerBerry, you can mainly buy personal loans.

This is something of personal preference, and I have a long term investment horizon. Therefore, I don’t care about short-term investments. This is entirely up to you where you want to give your point here.


This is where Mintos really shines. Mintos provides a very detailed statistics page with much information about the loan volumes, originators, loan book performance, and much more. I wish I could say the same about PeerBeer. Peerberry statistics are not very transparent, and they only provide some very basic data. 

I can’t think of a more transparent p2p lending platform than Mintos, and this is probably because it doesn’t exist. I wish I could see more platforms taking Mintos’ lead towards this.


As I said in the paragraph above, PeerBerry doesn’t provide much, just a couple of some key figures like in the screenshot below. 

The average interest is similar to the one on Mintos, but Mintos is at least tens times larger in every other aspect. For example, Mintos has over 178,000 investors, while PeerBerry has a little over 13,000. Mintos has over €3 billion in funded loans, while PeerBerry has around 130 million. Don’t get me wrong; these are respectable amounts just not even in the Mintos ballpark. 

Loan Liquidity

Both Mintos and PeerBerry have plenty of loans for you to invest in. I have never experienced cash drag on neither. There are both platforms you can invest large sums without an issue. 

Unfortunately, PeerBerry doesn’t have an early option scheme available, but they have short-term loans only, and it would be too long before you can get your cashback to your account.

The advantage of Mintos here is the existence of a secondary market. This does not only provide liquidity for your investments in case you want to unload them, but it also provides a large number of loans you can purchase. 

Buyback Guarantee

Both platforms are exactly identical in that regard. Both platforms have a 60-day buyback guarantee. I will give a small advantage to PeerBerry here because all loan originators pay interest in delayed loans while Mintos has a couple of originators that don’t. Make sure to avoid them because that can reduce your overall returns.

Overall Loan Performance

Also, something that both platforms have in common. Around 75-80% of the loans are always current on my portfolios with both PeerBerry and Mintos. I would expect a higher percentage of late loans from PeerBerry because it focuses on short-term payday loans, and they usually more prone to default.

Cashback Offers

This is where Mintos gets an extra point since it offers 1% cashback for any investment made during the first 90 days. PeerBerry doesn’t have a cashback offer; they do have a loyalty program. To be enrolled in the loyalty program, you will have to invest a large sum, as indicated in the screenshot below. As you can see, you will be able to get up to +1% from your investments. This could put PeerBerry ahead in the long-term.

PeerBerry Vs Mintos extra rate

Mintos just informed me that from 18.11.2019 the signup bonus for new investors will 0.5% instead of 1%. This affects all referral links from all websites.

PeerBerry vs Mintos – Conclusion

Having used both platforms for a while, I can confidently say that Mintos is the No1 p2p lending platform in Europe. That doesn’t mean that if you are considering PeerBerry, you shouldn’t try them out. I have an account with them, and I am actively using it without any issues. If you are considering which platform you should use for your first investments, this should be Mintos. But if you are looking for another platform to add to your portfolio, PeerBerry could be the one for you. It is especially ideal for people who are looking for short term loans to invest in. 

You can also check the individual Mintos and PeerBerry reviews here.

I hope you like the article and don’t forget to comment on your thoughts and share the article.


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