Monethera Review

Monethera suspended its operations with the following email to investors:

Dear investors,

We understand that you have accumulated a lot of questions and are eager to get answers.

First of all, we want to apologize for the relatively long silence. Our team was looking for solutions that could satisfy everyone in these challenging conditions.

Unfortunately, we are forced to inform you about the temporary complete cessation of the work of our platform until the end of the state of emergency all over the EU due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Several factors prompted us to make this decision: pandemic and closed borders, reduced demand for goods and services of our borrower-companies, agreements cancelation. All this means that neither borrower-companies nor Monethera can fulfill our obligations to you.

The state of emergency is declared in almost all EU member countries. All debts are frozen to avoid a risk of general insolvency and widespread default. And there is a situation when it is impossible to file for bankruptcy against debtors.

We also had to reduce staff due to quarantine and the general economic situation. Our office in Riga is closed. That’s why we apologize for the delay with a response to your mails. From the next week, we will pause any social media activities and support.

We understand that now the most crucial question for every investor is, “What happens to my money, and how can I return it?”

At the moment, we can’t offer you any final solution. As we said before there is a state of emergency declared in almost all EU member countries. So it will be necessary to wait until the coronavirus crisis gets to an end. After this, borrower-companies could return to process all pending transactions.

Andis Taubers

I am leaving the review up for transparency. So far, only Crowdestor and Wisefund have responded positively in this coronavirus induced crises.

What is Monethera?

Monethera is a peer-to-business crowdlending platform based in Tallinn, Estonia. It started as a private investment fund in 2017 and transitioned into a public platform just recently in May 2019. Monethera offers loan deals for investors from all over the world. It is similar to WiseFund and Crowdestor but with some differences that we will get into in this post. The platform offers high rates and a buyback guarantee (the exact terms of the buyback are analyzed in this post as well). All loans are listed in EUR; you can start investing from €100, and with annual interest rates around 19%.

Monethera statistics January 2020


All loans on Monethera are tied to a business. The purpose of the loan varies widely, and so does the field of operations. The companies operate in areas like real estate, logistics, energy, etc. The period of the loans is rather short for these types of investments which most people will find as a positive. They start at just 3 and can be as long as 12 months. They provide plenty of information about the company, expenses as well as the purpose of the loan and what the loan will be covering. You can see this information right after registering.

Monethera active projects


Rates on Monethera start from 18% and can be as high as 21.10% like the one you can see in the screenshot below from the transportation company. The average interest rate is 18.90%! Keep in mind that you start earning interest as soon as you invest in the project and not when the minimum funding target is reached. Interest is paid on the 1st day of each month, and you will be able to see the repayment schedule on your dashboard after investment. Check the rates on the active projects here:

Monethera active projects

Loan Liquidity

The platform is pretty liquid right now, and there are plenty of loans for you to invest. I only hope that this continues and that Monethera’s management will be able to keep up with demand like Crowdestor.

Buyback Guarantee

Monethera doesn’t offer a traditional buyback guarantee, but they have two ways that the buyback guarantee works.

  1. In the first scenario, the loan is current, and you simply want to exit the investment. All you have to do is go to your dashboard and just sell the loan back to Monethera. The platform keeps a fee, which is between 5% and 10%, to facilitate the process which is pretty standard. Keen in mind that you will be able to see that rate before investing in a particular loan.
  2. In the second scenario, which is the worst case, the loan is late, and the buyback guarantee works as follows: Monethera has a reserve fund to cover investors in case of any default from the projects. If any project on the platform becomes unsuccessful, all the investors that participated in the investment will receive reimbursement of 35% of their original investment. The remaining 65% (with interest) will be issued when Monethera collects the debt from the project owners. The terms, in this case, will depend on the time it will take them to collect it (collection process, litigation, or bankruptcy proceedings). According to Monethera, this worst-case scenario process might take up to one and a half years.


Monethera does not offer the option to auto-invest, but this is not a problem for me since projects are rather large and are not subscribed very fast. This gives you plenty of time to check the project and invest.


Obviously, there is the risk of default, which Monethera covers in detail on the platform. The management has plenty of experience to perform proper due diligence and worst-case scenario, make sure that our investment is recovered. No loans have defaulted yet since the platform went live, but we are talking about a young platform here so I don’t know if we can call this a “proven” track record. For more information about peer-to-peer lending risks, you can check my “What Is P2P Lending” article.

Secondary Market

The platform does not have a Secondary Market; however, you can sell your loan back to Monethera at any time. Keep in mind that this is a relatively expensive option since they keep 5% to 10% of the amount as a commission for this service.


There is this 5% to 10% penalty if you wish to sell the loan back to Monethera before maturity but, other than that, there are no additional fees that they charge.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is pretty standard and within range of what you should expect. You can click on this link (by doing that you will also earn 0.5% cashback for the first 180 days) and follow the steps on the registration page. You will also be required verify your phone number with a text message but not to upload any identification documents until you want to make a withdraw.

Monethera Review – Conclusion

The platform offers a compelling investment opportunity because it combines high yields, a well-structured buyback guarantee, and a generous sign-up bonus. Now let’s talk about the negative; the platform is brand new, and that comes with an inherent risk. The early exit fee is also pretty steep, so if you decide to invest, make sure that you will keep the investment till maturity.

Monethera Promo Bonus

As I said earlier, this is an unbiased Monethera review. However, if you would like to try out the platform; I would welcome it if you could use my referral link which provides you with a €5 bonus and an exclusive 0.5% cashback from each investment made during your first 180 days on the platform.

4 Replies to “Monethera Review”

  1. Hello. I want to invest in Jarton Sp. z.o.o and Pellet Fuel Reselling. There is information available about these two organizations on google search or on Linkedin. Can you please inform their website or their incorporation information. I would like to view any document or information you have available for them you can provide to the investors. Thank You!


  2. U should mentuin the current situation with Monethera. They seems to be fraudulous, and use the ‘Covid-19 crisis’ to do this. There a lawsuits prepared to get invested funds back. Join Telegramgroup: Monethera Discussion Action group for info.


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