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I am making this article because I read some misinformation in a couple of different blogs on how you should invest in order to take advantage of the Mintos promo code to the fullest. I read a couple of people saying that since Mintos pays the bonus after 30, 60, and 90 days that you should make deposits on your 1st, 31st and 61st day on the platform. Now that is entirely false and let me explain why. 

Mintos Promo Code – Basics

The bonus is 1% of the deposited amount and it is added to your Mintos account at the end of the month. The cashback bonus is calculated by averaging the number of days in the month that your investment is active.

Let’s take a look at this hypothetical scenario for this to be crystal clear.  

If you create an account on the 1st of August and deposit 10,000 EUR on the same day, at the beginning of September, you will receive a bonus of 100 Euros, representing a 1% cashback. However, if you invest the same sum on the 20th of August, you receive only one-third of that because Mintos calculates the bonus with the months’ daily average balance. It is possible to make as many deposits as you like at any given moment during the month. However, you will not receive the highest potential bonus; it is good to invest the first day because the amount invested is active longer. 

The good thing about this method is you will not only receive cashback on the amount you deposit, but you will also receive cashback on the cashback and interest you will receive for the first, second and third month as well.

After your bonus is paid, it will show up like this on your account overview. Mine is high because of some other cashback promotions that Mintos was running along with some of their originators. When these promotions appear, make sure that you will not be sucked in because of the promotion alone. Make sure that both the rates and the originator are solid. I remember when a mortgage loan originator, Fireof, was running a cashback campaign which was paying 1% and 2% depending on the amount you invest. The cashback promo was decent, as you can see, but the rates were around 7%, which is very low for Mintos’ standards. People were buying these loans because of the offer, but then they were getting stuck with them and couldn’t even sell them at the Secondary Market because no one wanted these loans. After a while, people were selling these loans with discounts similar to what they got as a cashback when they first purchased the loans.

mintos promo code referral

Mintos Promo Code – Conclusion

The great thing about Mintos is that you will not need an actual promo code to qualify for the bonus. You can simply click on my affiliate link and after registering, all investments made during the first three months will be eligible for the bonus. Again, the reward is a 1% extra within the first 90 days from your registration paid 30, 60 and 90 days after registration. Mintos just informed me that from 18.11.2019 the signup bonus for new investors will 0.5% instead of 1%. This affects all referral links from all websites.

I also encourage you to read my full Mintos review before you open an account.

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