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Mintos just send me an email updating me with some numbers and around their Invest & Access Feature. They introduced this feature around 2 months ago, and still it is growing in popularity.

From the moment Invest & Access was launched, almost 70% of newly registered investors on Mintos have used it to create their investment portfolios on Mintos. While around 20% of new investors choose his tool exclusively for their investments. Investors are earning an average interest rate of over 12% while having fast access to their money. The average investment in Invest & Access is close to 3,969EUR. Only in the first two months, almost half of investors have added to their Invest & Access positions after trying it for some time.

When Mintos created Invest & Access, they wanted to answer questions like “How can Mintos enhance the liquidity of investments in loans for those looking for new earning opportunities? How can they make investing Mintos simpler to use?”

The answers were simple too:

  • They could further facilitate investors’ experience on Mintos with the help of their technology.
  • Automation of investing tools can help investors spend even less time managing their investments.
  • Investors’ profits made by attractive average interest rates can be liquidated at any moment for further investment diversification.
  • Investors can liquidate their investments faster and cash out whenever they need their funds – without waiting for the maturity of their investment.

The last point where Invest & Access gains a significant advantage over Investing manually or their Auto-Invest tool. Investing with Invest & Access means investing money that is instantly accessible for liquidating, without any extra fees.

Exiting – Cashing Out

The most significant upgrade that investors got with Mintos Invest & Access is the possibility to immediately liquidate their investments, even before the investment matures. When investors want to cash-out their money, the tool automatically liquidates current loans to other investors and credits the cash to their Mintos account. More than 80% of cash withdrawals from this tool to investors’ Mintos accounts happen in about 24 hours (As of July 2019).

Pause & Reactive Portfolio for More Elasticity

Mintos introduced a “Pause” option, with that, investors can use their Invest & Access earnings with more control and flexibility. By investing profits via Invest & Access, Auto-Invest or Manual Invest, investors can further spread their investment portfolios.

Pausing Invest & Access means just pausing the reinvesting, without cashing out. Most notably, investments that left in the paused portfolio still continue to receive interest. This way, although highly
automated investment tool, Invest & Access offers investors more power over their incoming profits and additional time for the investment decision making.

Users as Developers

During these two months, Mintos has been in contact with investors, and they have been receiving feedback about their experiences with this new feature. Mintos is dedicated to continuing its product offering. They have introduced product upgrades based on our feedback, and they promise further upgrades in the near future.

Next Up: Lowering the Minimum Investment Required.

In the coming months, the minimum investment amount of their Invest & Access feature will be reduced. Instead of 500EUR, the minimum amount required for investing with Invest & Access will be 10EUR.

Doing this, investors will be able to experience Invest & Access before they choose to up their investment via this feature. Investors can always top their portfolio with more funds, diversifying even more between loans and loan originators. Until today, the average loan number in an investor’s portfolio that uses I&A is 203. Besides the above changes, they plan to bring more insights into the investors’ monthly earnings made possible by Invest & Access.

As liquidity is one of Mintos’ strengths, there is also an effortless option for investors to go ahead with selling delinquent loans from Invest & Access portfolio on the Secondary Market manually. Right now, investors can sell their loans from the “My Investment” tab on the Mintos Secondary Market that has high liquidity. To give you an idea of how liquid the Secondary Market is, investors have sold over EUR 150 million since the secondary market was introduced in 2015.

Keep in mind that investing with Mintos Invest & Access still counts towards the 1% cashback bonus that you receive when registing though this link. Mintos just informed me that from 18.11.2019 the signup bonus for new investors will 0.5% instead of 1%. This affects all referral links from all websites.

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