Kuetzal Promo Code

Recently I interviewed the CEO of Kuetzal, Alberts Cevers. During the interview, we discussed many things that you can read in this blog post. At the end of the interview he extended to me; he was also able to activate a Promo Code for my readers. The promo code is the same as the name of my blog, and it is “P2PINCOME“. Now let’s take a look at what are the terms of Kuetzal’s promo code.

What Is The Promo Code?

First of all, while you are registering on the platform, you can use the “P2PINCOME” promo code as shown in the picture below and instantly receive €15 that you can use with your first investment. You will be able to see the €15 in your Kuetzal account balance right after signing-up. Keep in mind that the minimum investment on the platform is €100, which means that you still have to deposit from your account before you can actually take advantage of the offer.

Kuetzal promo code referral

The €15 promo code is one thing, but the bonuses don’t stop here. They are also running a very aggressive cashback campaign, and you will be getting 0.5% immediate cashback deposited to your account right after investing in a project. Projects on the platform have high rates anyway, and that would make anyone want to invest in Kuetzal, but the Promo Code in combination with the cashback campaign take the experience to the next level. I wish that when I started with Kuetzal that there were these kinds of promotions available. This is because, with the small portfolio that I have on Kuetzal, it took me around four months to reach the return that you would now get even before transferring funds to the platform.

I assume that they are running such generous campaigns because they want to expand quickly and become the No.1 business crowdlending platform in the Baltics.

Kuetzal Promo Code – Conclusion

The purpose of this article was to provide you with the best available deal if you are considering signing up with Kuetzal. So, if you decide to give it a go, what you have to do, is read my full Kuetzal review, visit the platform through my referral link so you can get your 0.5% for the first six months and please don’t forget to use Promo Code “P2PINCOME”. Same as the name of the blog and easy to remember!

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