Crowdestor Energy Holding Investment Project With Bonus Offer

I was contacted a couple of days ago for an exclusive offer to my website. On the Crowdestor Energy Holding Project lead their CEO, Janis Timma, they have a unique offer for you: an additional 1% on all investments by existing and new investors made into this project. The offer is valid until the project lasts. A project is led by the CROWDESTOR CEO Janis Timma, who participates with a 2 million EUR skin-in-the-game – his personally owned 15 MW biomass operational energy production plant, which will be invested in the Holding.

To invest and earn an additional 1% cashback on your investment, you can click here, and you will be transferred to the website; however, take a look at the details of this investment opportunity.

About The Crowdestor Energy Holding Investment Project

CROWDESTOR is proud to announce a unique investment opportunity- to participate in the closed-type energy investment fund.

The fund’s purpose is to create an energy investment holding by buying out energy production plants that sell thermal power to district heating operators.

The fund is led by CROWDESTOR CEO Janis Timma, who will participate with his own power plant connected to the district heating network as a skin in the game.

The fund’s investment strategy and mandate is to buy out energy production companies and/or plants, become the largest privately held thermal power producer in Latvia (pooled assets increase valuation), and sell the assets to an international strategic or financial investor.

The term of the investment is projected to be between 3 to 5 years, and upon exit, the target return on investments is 47% per year.

The Holding aims to buy-out other one/two operational market participants to build the 52 MW biomass power plant, which currently is in the development phase, and to develop another 100 MW only peak-load heat production plant. The total energy output of the Holding company’s power plants would be 100 MW as peak-load and 100 MW as base/intermediate load. The size of installed capacities would make the Holding as one of the leading private heat production entities in the Baltic states.

Financial Details

The energy holding is a closed-fund available only to CROWDESTOR investors. The funds will be raised through several rounds during 18 months period. The fund will consist of EUR 17.6 million equity and EUR 24 million senior debt. The acquired and or built asset value will be EUR 41 million. The target exit price is between EUR 60-67 Million, which will account for 46.8% average yearly return and is equivalent to the EBITDA multiplier 7.5x (based on the research of comparable transactions, this multiplier is in the middle range).

Crowdestor Project Financials

Investment Offer

The minimum investment into the fund starts at EUR 1,000. Investments starting at EUR 10,000 guarantee the shareholder rights in the Holding.

Investments into the Holding will take a form of a convertible note with a term of 5 years. After 18 months, the fund manager Janis Timma has a first-hand option to buy-out all investments from Investors ranging between EUR 2,500 to EUR 10,000, paying a 26% annual interest rate on top.

The total return will be appropriated between investors and management in the following way:

Investors return:

  1. 20% annual base return
  2. 50% of the amount which is above the annual return of 20%

Expected investors average annual return if target performance achieved= 33.41% per year (which consists of 20% base return + 13.41% performance fee)

Management return:

  1. 20% management fee from EBITDA paid quarterly
  2. 50% of the amount which is above the annual return of 20%

Expected management annual return if target performance achieved=13.41% performance fee (which is 50% on top of annual 20% return).


The Energy Holding will have a supervisory board consisting of 9 seats.

Each of the TOP-5 largest investors will be offered a seat in the supervisory board, two seats will be offered to small/mid-scale investors, and the remaining two seats will be offered to Energy industry professionals – one seat for an individual with operational expertise, one seat for an individual with financial background.

Crowdestor Energy Holding Investment Project Bonus Offer

Whether you are a new investor or not, if you click on my link and invest in this project, you will automatically receive a 1% cashback. If you are a new investor, you will also get a 0.5% cashback on top of this.

That’s all for today, stay safe and diligent. 

You can also read my full review here

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