February 2020 Income Report

Hello Everyone, 

The short month of February (although longer than usual) was not the best one for me. Both personally and financially. The stock market crash has cost me a pretty penny but I am not too worried for now. I added to my Royal Dutch Shell position but the stock has been on a tear the past couple of weeks costing me over 3k (on top of my other stockholding losses). At least I am not too worried since this is my long term holding yielding 7.8% from my average buying price. Now, it yields 8.3% and since I own the B class shares from Amsterdam the dividend is actually tax-free. That’s a pro tip that a stock analyst friend has shared with me. He also the one that urged me to buy more when the stock was at 23€ but I will not hold that against him (Also at 19.5€ and that seems to have been a good call for now. 

Anyway, enough with my stock market rant, this is a p2p lending blog after all; I just wanted to vent a little about my losses.


I added 5,000€ to Mintos at the beginning of the month. I know that the new pending payment “feature” is terrible and is practically a way for investors to lose interest and that often loan originators take advantage of it (Although I have not found that to be the case I have read it for other people and I just wanted to make people aware and pay attention to it).

Profit from Mintos was 68.44€ and I should expect it to be around 100€ from next month once my new deposit starts working for me full time. 

Mintos Overview February 2020
Mintos Statement February 2020

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Very nice platform overall and is becoming my second favorite after Mintos. Yes, the rates are not the highest right now but: 1. 12% is not that bad, 2. At least you know what you get without flatuation, 3. Creditstar is a safe loan originator, and 4. Loan performance is good especially considering the fact that most loans are short term. 

Profit from Lendermarket was at 16.51€

Lendermarket Overview February 2020
Lendermarket Statement February 2020

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Rates on Grupeer increased last month and there were many loans at 14%. Probably because of the higher rates offered at Mintos. Also, there were plenty of loans offering cashback.

Profit from Grupeer was at 11.33€

Grupeer Account Overview February 2020

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You can read my Grupeer review here.


This month I received €60 from the refer a friend program and kept them on the platform as usual.

I also got 6.02€ interest from ViaInvest.

ViaInvest Overview February 2020

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Like last month, Crowdestor’s payment schedule differs on some projects and interest in not paid monthly but quarterly so, income is going to fluctuate a bit. Income was 3.29€ representing a 9% APY but again, this is to be expected during months that projects don’t pay interest.

Crowdestor Overview February 2020

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FastInvest, Bondster, PeerBerry, Monethera, Bondora

FastInvest Interest Income: 3.28€

FastInvest Overview February 2020

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Bondster Interest Income: 0.73€

Bondster Overview February 2020

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PeerBerry Interest Income: 1.97€

PeerBerry Overview February 2020

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Monethera Interest Income: 1.47€

Monethera Overview February 2020

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Bondora Interest Income: 4.01€

I use this as a small savings account that you should not use any of their other products except go&grow since.

Bondora Overview February 2020

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For the month of February 2020, I invested €5,060( €5,000 on Mintos and €60 from the referral bonus at ViaInvest), and the total return from interest, late fees, and secondary market transactions was €117.05 that represents a 3.33% increase from last month (€113.27).

Overall, my portfolio yielded 1.13% of the starting balance, which means around 15% annualized return. Of course, this is partly because the starting balance was lower than the current balance since I made a large deposit on Mintos. The total portfolio value has risen to €15,471.16.

7 Replies to “February 2020 Income Report”

  1. Good evening
    some investors in Mintos are in panic, trying withdraw money all together. You can imagine this could be a big problem (like a normal bank Mintos have some liquidity problems…)
    In this moment you can find in the secondary market 10 or 11% A- loans with a 5% (or more) discount. As investor I think this could be a great oportunity to cach, but in the other hand problably people lost the feeling with Mintos and other p2 (Grupeer and Wisefund have same problems).
    What your opinion about the possibility to see Mintos defaulting?
    (because this is the BIG problem)


    1. Hello JB, and thank you for your comment. I bought some Mogo loans @ at a 25% discount a couple of days ago and a YTM of around 22-25%. I also made a small withdrawal too. Honestly, I am more worried about Finko Arminia right now and the fact that they lost their lending license. I have over 2k with them, and I don’t know what will happen. Finko Group is supposed to cover the buyback, but I don’t know what will happen. These are unprecedented times, and we can only wait to see what will happens. I advise caution and maybe sit back for a while. You will definitely lose some opportunities, but it is better than losing your principal.


      1. yeah, good point but if you work or invest on financial market you have to be ready to cach opportunities, I advise aso caution (personally my autoinvest portfolio is only A and A-) but the best time to buy is when there is blood on the street. Humans like to know the future: in this moment we can’t…
        the same is happening with major oil stocks. Looks like we are living in a free oil world…


      2. Unfortunately I bought too soon a major stake (for my portfolio) at Royal Dutch Shell. I am down 37% as we speak (it was worse last week) but I share your opinion that now is the time to buy. I am not very liquid right now so I cant buy a whole lot but i am trying to rebalance between p2p and stocks right now.


      3. Hi Peter
        I understand you, I have also a small position in Eni (the italian oil major) what I see is an incredible discount p/v, p/e and cashflow/e close to default. looks insane but also looks insane the oil price war: human stupidity is infinite.
        What I do now is nothing. To me is clear that world need oil (and will need more in the future), the worst case scenario is to see dividend cutting or something but of corse and for sure not a defaulting scenario for major like Royal dutch shell or Chevron, Exxon Eni etc
        just be patient and sleep well, many many peoples lost large amount of money trading cfc and leverage products. Now my income portfolio is working well with p2p, I have sent emails to Flender, Mintos, Wisefund and Grupeer (I have a small portfolio with this p2p ) and my feeling is good: all of this have professional managment ready to reacts and to assists borrowers that experience difficulties.
        Obviously Envestio’s case not help in this moment…
        Have a nice day


      4. I just hope we don’t see any originator defaults. Many platforms will definitely be affected by this situation. As far as stocks go, are you thinking of averaging down or just waiting it out? Many oil companies have slashed their dividend like Occidental Petroleum and I am worried that RDS will do that too. Of course, they just suspended buybacks to preserve the dividend but if the price war on oil continues even after the coronavirus outbreak is over I don’t see how they can keep paying that dividend. They have a huge legacy behind their dividend (Like Chevron and Exxon) and the last time they cut it was during WW2. I hope they don’t do it now.


      5. looks like Alex credit and Finko have some problems…quite sure more have to come. Mintos try to help the originators but liquidity is the BIG problem now with all this people trying withdraw money and less new investors…
        By my opinion volatility is the problem now for brent and wti. Nobody now the future and nobody understand the final reason of this war. I think the fed have enaugh money to save shale oil producers (final target of this war).
        Time will tell us. In this moment I don’t buy more Eni shares, but I’m looking in some etf like mlp usa and the world energy. just wait and see.
        I prefere to put some money “at work” on Mintos and maybe Flender..(personally I think Eni and others gonna cut the dividend 30 or 50%, honestly I would be happy with this).
        Surely mine are wrong ideas, I’m not an analyst…just a professional investor 😉


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