June 2019 Income Report

Hello Everyone,

This month I am writing to you from my summer vacation home on the island of Serifos. For me, it is one of my favorite places in the world and one of the most relaxing ones I can think of. I am displaying some pictures as well since I wanted to give this income report a more personalized feel to it. Let me know what you think of that by the way. I visited the island now because I needed to do some cleaning and maintenance of the house for the guests that will be arriving shortly and make sure that everything is functioning properly before the Airbnb guests arrive. You can also see the view from my place below. I think that just writing form here inspires. The beautiful beaches, swimming in the clean seawater, and some seafood is just what I needed during this challenging period (work wise).

Now enough with the personal stuff and let’s get down to the investing part. I invested a total of €400 split between Mintos and Grupeer. Since I read many people complaining online about the processing time for Grupeer to deposit payments to our investor accounts, I decided to do a small experiment. When I woke up on the 19th of June at 7:30 am, I made the transfers at the same time. The one to Mintos cleared the same day in the afternoon which was pretty impressive, and the one to Grupeer cleared the next morning. So I honestly don’t know what the fuss is all about, its one day to transfer money from a different country which I thought was fast and more than reasonable. Yes, Mintos’s time was better and very impressive, but I can’t complain about the one-day deposits either. Anyway, let’s move on to the actual returns.


I will start with Crowdestor this month since I negotiated a special promotion with them so my readers can enjoy a 0.5% cashback promotion after any investment made during your first 180 days on the platform. I am incredibly excited about this offer since as far as I have seen, this is the only p2p lending blog that has this offer for its readers. Profit from Crowdestor was €5.3, which translates to a monthly yield of 1.32% from the starting balance of approx. €400. Since only interest is paid monthly, I am calculating the yield only from the funds I have invested in projects and not idling cash.

crowdestor overview june 2019

Click here to sign up to Crowdestor and get an exclusive 0.5% bonus for any investment you make during the first 180 days.

A full review of Crowdestor is also available here.


Mintos’s rates went up for yet another month, and I just couldn’t resist making another deposit and purchasing some of these Mogo 16% loans. So a €200 deposit was made. I also received a small amount from the cashback campaigns Mintos was running along with some loan originators. Including these, I got €50.73 profit, which translates to a monthly yield of 0.96% from the starting balance of approx. €5,300. Not a bad return but it still slightly underdelivered.

Click here to sign up to Mintos and get an exclusive 1% bonus for any investment you make during the first 90 days.

A full review of Mintos is also available here.


I figured I should take advantage of Grupeer’s cashback campaigns as well and decided to add to my position for this month as well. They are still running some cashback campaign, so make sure to take advantage of them yourself if you want to boost your returns and like the platform. Profit from Grupeer, including the cashback campaign, was €10.43, which translates to a monthly yield of 1.27% from the starting balance of approx. €818.

Grupeer Overview June 2019

Click here to sign up with Grupeer

A full review of Grupeer is also available here.


Payments on Kuetzal are pretty consistent, and they are the same every month, and since the loan performance remains on-point, I didn’t have any surprises there. They are still running some pretty generous cashback campaigns along with my promo code if you are interested in starting with them yourself. Profit from Kuetzal was €4.27, which translates to a monthly yield of 1.41% from the starting balance of approx. €301. Since only interest is paid monthly, I am calculating the yield only from the funds I have invested in projects and not idling cash.

Kuetzal Overview June 2019

Investment amount = Cash-back:
1,000€ to 4,999€ = 1%
5,000€ to 9,999€ = 1,5%
10,000€ to 24,999€ = 2%
25,000€ to 49,999€ = 2,5%
50,000€ and more = 3%

This offer is available only during this summer (01.06.2019 – 31.08.2019).

That is on top of the 0.5% cashback that you get for the first 6 Months by registering through my affiliate link and the 15€ free towards your first investment using coupon code “P2PINCOME”.

A full review of Kuetzal is available here.


Same situation here as Kuetzal and since all project payments consist of only interest and payments are made on time the income from here is relatively consistent as well. Unfortunately, no new projects were introduced this month, but I read that they have a big deal coming up, and many loans are coming to the marketplace shortly. Profit from Envestio was €7.32, which translates to a monthly yield of 1.39% from the starting balance of approx. €523.

Envestio Overview June 2019

Click here to sign up to Envestio and get an exclusive 0.5%+5€ bonus for any investment you make during the first 270 days.

A full review of Envestio is also available here.


I made €30 from the refer-a-friend program this month as well which is excellent on its own. I really hope that you are enjoying this platform as well guys! This month ViaInvest increased their rates to a flat 11% for all loans. Before the had loans yielding 9% which I am not sure who was buying them since they are all originated by the same mother company. Anyway, I will still stick with Latvian and Polish loans which were the ones yielding 11% in the first place since if you invest in Swedish or Spanish loans, you have taxes withheld from interest payments and have to upload a tax certificate for that not to happen. So I will avoid the hassle and just invest in loans from these countries. Profit from ViaInvest was €2.22, which translates to a monthly yield of 0.77% from the starting balance of approx. €287.

ViaInvest Overview June 2019

Click here to sign up to ViaInvest and earn a 10€ bonus after signing up using this link and investing at least 50€.

A full review of ViaInvest is also available here


Nothing special from PeerBerry this month and profit from this platform was €2.29, which translates to a monthly yield of 0.89% from the starting balance of approx. €256.

PeerBerry Overview June 2019

Click here to sign up with PeerBerry.

A full review of PeerBerry is also available here.


Nothing special from FastInvest this month either and profit from this platform was €2.89, which translates to a monthly yield of 1.10% from the starting balance of approx. €258.

FastInvest Overview June 2019

Click here to sign up with FastInvest.

A full review of FastInvest is also available here.


Bondster is actually kind of a surprise because at the beginning I was not a huge fun of the platform, but now things are turning since it was actually the second best performing platform in my portfolio (P2B not included) only to Grupeer, but Grupeer had an unfair advantage because it was running the cashback campaigns this month. Profit from Bondster was €1.16, which translates to a monthly yield of 1.14% from the starting balance of approx. €101.52.

You can sign-up and receive 1% cashback for any funds you invest during your first 90 days. You also need to enter the promo code “P2PIncome” to be eligible for the offer.


For the month of June 2019, I invested in 3 different platforms a total amount of €430 (including the bonus from ViaInvest), and the total return from interest, late fees, and secondary market transactions was €86.58 that represents a 1.71% decrease from last month (€88.09) and my portfolio yielded 1.05% of the starting balance which means a 12.61% annualized return. It is a little less than last month but very decent nonetheless.

16 Replies to “June 2019 Income Report”

  1. Hey Peter, it’s always interesting to read how other portfolios are doing, but may I suggest creating a table in each article that shows overall results in one spot? Right now its a bit hard to see how big your portfolio is and what results are you getting from all platforms combined.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My current investments are in Mintos, Grupeer, Envestio and Crowdestor
    Which platform would you recommend adding to my portfolio next?


    1. It depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for high yield or short term investments? If you are looking for high yield you can take a look at Kutezal that is also running a very nice promotion for the summer or if you are looking for short term options you can take a look at PeerBerry or ViaInvest. I like both options with PeerBerry (Around 12-13%) offering higher rates than ViaInvest (All loans on ViaInvest have an 11% rate). Although ViaInvest offers a 10eur sign up bonus that makes a small difference if you are investing large sums and can easily be compensated by the higher return on PeerBerry. The ultimate decision is yours but I hope I helped!


      1. I am not sure about how reliable Kuetzal is … It’s a very young company with a very young founder at helm (Same age as you and I 😀 )
        I’ll wait for a bit before investing in Kuetzal but I’ll look into others, thanks!


  3. Hello Peter, I have been following your blog for a while and as a fellow Greek wanting to get into p2p, I have one “fear”. How do you go about declaring p2p income for taxes? I know that loaning is legal in Greece, but do you think our tax officers are educated in the matter? It seems dangerous to declare it.


    1. Hello Nik and thank you for following my blog. You can declare it like capital gains, which it is, and a 15% capital gains tax is applicable. It is taxed like any realized gain from stock trades or interest you would get from the bank. The former is deducted automatically, but it is still applicable. You can declare it or not. Every situation and portfolio is different. For example, if you have 5-6k on Mintos gaining around 500-600 euros per year I don’t think that the tax authorities would “come after” you but if you have a million in p2p then I think that 100k or even more annually would be more difficult to hide. In any case, I would advise you to check with your accountant.


      1. I know about the capital gains part, and I have every intention of declaring it. I just think that for example declaring income from loans like Mintos would seem shady to the average tax officer, because of the loans’ nature. I think I will start with something like Envestio, where the loans are P2B basically, and I won’t be investing at 50-100 different (Mogo or similar) loans, but 1 or 2. Do you also have a stock portfolio, if so what do you use? I am thinking Degiro which is cheaper, but Int. Brokers seems more safe regarding Greece. Anyway, thanks, I will be sure to use one of your affiliate links.
        Ps. Funny thing is I am an accountant myself, that’s why I know how Greek tax officers think 😀 Hopefully in a few years we will catch-up to the rest of Europe.


      2. Well you won’t have to declare each loan individually since Mintos provides a statement with all your earnings for the tax authorities. Also, it is safer because you are spreading your investments between different loans. If you are just starting out I would strongly suggest Mintos as your first platform. For stocks I use DeGiro because of their pricing. Plus, disagree with your point that Interactive brokers is a safer platform since it is based in the UK and you don’t know what will happen with Brexit in that regard. DeGiro is located in The Netherlands so I believe it’s safer overall. Reporting is pretty basic and research tools are practically non-existent but I still recommend it because of the pricing. They have improved it a lot since I signed up many years ago.


  4. First of all, wow, thanks for replying so fast. I guess you are right, I will have to get my feet wet somehow, might as well be with Mintos, which is the most established site of all. Thanks and good luck.


    1. Thank you Nik. I completely agree and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me. You can also find my email address on the “About me” page to send me one. Cheers.

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  5. Hi Peter, Nice work, how much time do you hold the investments in p2p loans_ before you cash out or reinvest? do u suggest any period and why?


    1. Hello Kostas (fellow Greek I presume?). I am actually more into long term loans and keep reinvesting the interest I receive to let the compounding effect work for me)


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