May 2019 Income Report

Hello Everyone,

With summer officially upon us and the weather warming extremely fast here in Greece I am writing this income report right after a relaxing Sunday morning at the beach but will be publishing it a couple of days later. This month I made one deposit of €200 on Grupeer. I really like this platform and its loan performance. So. let’s get right to it.


I will start off with Grupeer because this month they will be running some great cashback promotions and you will have the opportunity to earn an additional +1% cashback in June on PlanetaCash and Finsputnik loans. These loans come with a 13% yield and this cashback will bump their yield to over 14%. Once again this month loan performance has been great with no late payments but this is a little difficult to keep track of, I wish they will update their monitoring tools and make the whole experience more transparent. Grupeer was the only platform I made a deposit this month and the profit from this platform was at €6.48.

Grupeer May 2019 Overview

Also, by investing over €5,000 in any development project during June 2019, you will get a 1% cashback on the amount that is in excess of €5,000.
For example, if you invest €8,000 in any development project, you will get the cashback for the €3,000 that is in excess i.e. €8000 – €5000= €3,000*3%= €90

Click here to sign up with Grupeer

A full review of Grupeer is also available here.


The next platform on the list is Kuetzal. The loan performance has been great so far and the payments are always credited to my account the next day of the due date. Kuetzal is on the top of the list this month because of their summer promotion. My profit from Kuetzal was €4.17.

Kuetzal May 2019 Overview

The details are:

Investment amount Cash-back:

1,000€ to 4,999€ = 1%
5,000€ to 9,999€ = 1,5%
10,000€ to 24,999€ = 2%
25,000€ to 49,999€ = 2,5%
50,000€ and more = 3%

That is on top of the 0.5% cashback that you get for the first 6 Months by registering through my affiliate link and the 15€ free towards your first investment using coupon code “P2PINCOME”.

A full review of Kuetzal is available here.

This offer is available only during this summer (01.06.2019 – 31.08.2019).


This was a great month for Mintos. The average interest has grown by ~2%, increasing their already attractive interest rate from an average of 11% to 13%. Even the best in class loan originators like Mogo and Banknote had plenty of loans yielding 14%! I chose to invest in Banknote loans mainly this month since I had a lot of Mogo loans already. These loans are long term but I don’t mind. Also, I made 10€ from their internal refer-a-friend campaign. Profit from Mintos was €56.59 (refer-a-friend reward not included).

Click here to sign up to Mintos and get an exclusive 1% bonus for any investment you make during the first 90 days.

A full review of Mintos is also available here.


This platform is honestly great if you don’t mind the slightly lower yields than Mintos or Grupeer. If you invest through the platform you will notice that most of the loans are taken by repeat customers and this is great because they tend to make their payments on time. I also made €20 from the refer-a-friend program and the profit from interest was €2.68.

ViaInvest May 2019 Overview

Click here to sign up to ViaInvest and earn a 10€ bonus after signing up using this link and investing at least 50€.

A full review of ViaInvest is also available here


Nothing to report this month from Envestio with no surprises this month either. Solid loan performance and total profit from Envestio was €7.03.

Envestio May 2019 Overview

Click here to sign up to Envestio and get an exclusive 0.5%+5€ bonus for any investment you make during the first 270 days.

A full review of Envestio is also available here.


Crowdestor is publishing many projects lately with very high rates. Currently, there are 3 live projects yielding 18%, 18.5%, and 21% respectively. Loan performance has been great here as well with all payments being made on time. All projects are covered by their BuyBack Fund too. Profit from Crowdestor was €5.30.

Crowdestor May 2019 Overview

Click here to sign up with Crowdestor.

A full review of Crowdestor is also available here.


What I like about FastInvest is that through their 3-day buyback guarantee you can see the “compounding effect” in their statistics page as portrayed below even at a portfolio as small as mine. Profit from FastInvest was €3.06.

Click here to sign up to FastInvest and earn a 10€ bonus after signing up using this link. You need to invest a minimum €200 during the 30 days from the registration and keep it invested for 90 days.

A full review of FastInvest is also available here.


Probably PeerBerry felt the heat from Mintos’ increase in rates and they sent an email that one of their originators increased their rates to as high as 13.1%. Profit from PeerBerry was €2.15.

PeerBerry May 2019 Overview

Click here to sign up with PeerBerry.

A full review of PeerBerry is also available here.


Nothing new to report this month from Bondster and I rarely check the platform since the balance on it is small even for the size of my portfolio and that resulted in some uninvested funds. I have placed auto-invest now for that not to happen. Profit from Bondster was €0.56.

Bondster May 2019 Overview

You can sign-up and receive 1% cashback for any funds you invest during your first 90 days. You also need to enter the promo code “P2PIncome” to be eligible for the offer.


For the month of May 2019, I invested in 3 different platforms a total amount of €230 (including the bonus from ViaInvest and Mintos) and the total return from interest, late fees and secondary market transactions was €88.09 that represents a 1.24% increase from last month (€87.01) and my portfolio yielded 1.11% of the starting balance which means a 14.16% annualized return.

One Month Closer to Financial Freedom,

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