March 2019 Income Report

Hello Everyone,

For March 2019 I made 8 deposits on 6 different platforms. This month I made deposits in Envestio, Mintos, PeerBerry, Grupeer and tried Crowdestor and Bondster for the first time. I made a deposit on Grupeer as well but they had a problem with their Luxemburg-based bank. We will get into more details on the “Grupeer” segment though.

I made a €350 deposit on Mintos for March 2019. I know I said I will not make another one for some time I just wanted to reach the €5,000 mark. The volume of loans has increased this month and you could get loans with 11-12% from “high quality” originators and as high as 14% from lower quality originators. I sold almost all of my GetBucks loans (over €1,300) because of the capital increase they did at a significant discount to their market share price. You don’t do that unless you have serious financial issues. I moved all of the funds into MOGO and Banknote loans at 11-12% from 13% that I was getting from GetBucks. A small price to pay for your peace of mind. My profit from Mintos was €49.9 including the discount (around 0.1%) used to sell my GetBucks loans.

For a Review of Mintos click here.

As all existing Grupeer investors probably already know, this month was somewhat troublesome for Grupeer deposits. I initiated a deposit of €350 from my bank on March the 12th and it didn’t show up in my account until the 27th. I think that the situation could have been handled better but I like the platform overall and issues like that can sometimes appear when doing business. I for one will keep making deposits on the platform and I am confident these kinds of mistakes will be avoided in the future. The delay in the deposit worked out for the best though since they announced a cashback offer in the meantime and I was able to take advantage of it. The total profit from the platform was €5.6 including the €3.56 from the cashback campaign.

Grupeer March Overview

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I made 2 deposits in Envestio this month. Both deposits were for €150 each one on the 8th and the second one on the 14th. Envestio has very high rates, good terms on its Buyback Guarantee and amazing track record so I am a fan of the platform and I will continue to put my money in it unless something changes. I will let you know either way. Profit from Envestio for March was €3.39€.

Envestio March Dashboard

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I also made 2 deposits in Crowdestor this month, one on the 6th and the second one on the 18th for 250 and 150 respectively. As you can see on the screenshot below the average interest rate on the 3 loans I am invested in is 15.67%. Not bad at all. This is the first month I invested in Crowdestor and the total profit was 2.33€.

Crowdestor March Overview

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I made one deposit on the 22nd for €150 in PeerBerry. I didn’t like the loan performance last month but I still liked the platform and wanted to see if this will continue. It seems that things have normalized now. Profit from PeerBerry was 1.21€.

For a Review of PeerBerry click here.

I didn’t make any deposits this month in FastInvest. They made a system upgrade this month and the platform is nicer but no changes as far as the transparency of the platform is concerned. Profit from FastInvest was 2.60€.
For a Review of FastInvest click here.

For a review of FastInvest click here.

No deposits made in ViaInvest either but despite the fact that returns are lower than the ones on different platforms (11% on the ones that I invest on) I really like this platform because most of the borrowers are repeat clients of the originator with a long history of borrowing and a big company backing the loans. Profit from ViaInvest was 3.06€.

For a review of ViaInvest click here.

I didn’t make any deposits this month in Kuetzal and the profit was 1.54€. If you want to sign up with Kuetzal make sure to use the promo code “SPRING2019″ to get 10€ free for your first investment until 31.05.2019.

For a Review of Kuetzal click here.

One deposit on Bondster made on the 22nd but no income from the platform just yet. I will be reviewing the platform next month but if you want to give this platform a try before then you can sign up using this link do you can increase your returns by an additional 1% during the first 90 days. Also, make sure to put Promo code 05753 to get your reward.


For the month of March 2019, I invested in 6 different platforms a total amount of €1,650 and the total return from interest, late fees and secondary market transactions was €67,59. That is a 19.84% increase for last month.

One Month Closer To Financial Freedom,
Until next time,

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