February 2019 Income Report

Hello Everyone,

For February 2019 I made 6 deposits on 5 different platforms in order to start diversifying further since my Peer-to-Peer lending portfolio is mainly invested in Mintos. I made 2 deposits in Grupeer and one at Envestio, ViaInvest, FastInvest and Kuetzal.

Since Mintos is my largest position I will start off with that. This was the second month that I didn’t make any deposits on Mintos and I think I will continue doing the same thing for the sake of diversification. It is still my favorite platform but Grupeer is getting there too. The volume of loans on Mintos significantly dropped this month. I don’t know if that’s because of the loan originators not posting many loans or the number of new investors on the platforms. Rates have been pretty satisfactory though and I had no problem finding loans with rates over 12%. My profit from Mintos was €46,88.

For a Review of Mintos click here.

I made 2 deposits in Grupeer this month. One for €50 in the beginning and one for €100 at the end of the month for a chance to win the raffle (I know the chances are low but the rates are high and I like the platform overall so, why not?). Grupeer has an amazing loan performance up until now with all of my loans being paid on time. I still don’t like the absence of a secondary market to invest amounts less than €10 like Mintos. My profit from Grupeer was €1,16.

For a review of Grupeer click here.

I started using Envestio this month with a €200 deposit on the 05.02.2019. I used the funds to invest in the “Oil product terminal” project with a 15% interest rate. I got another €5 bonus because it was my first investment with Envestio and the loan payment was made on time on 28.02.2019. My profit from Envestio was €6,94.

Envestio February 2019 Overview

For a review of Envestio click here.

No investments were made on PeerBerry for the month of February 2019. Although the platform is nice for short-term loans and all of them are covered with Buyback Guarantee I am not a huge fan because I think the loan performance in my portfolio is poor. I understand that the portfolio is tiny and I should not draw any conclusions but still, it just puts me off. Rates for short term loans have also dropped to around 11%. My profit from PeerBerry was €0,41.

For a review of PeerBerry click here.

I made a Deposit of €250 in ViaInvest on 05.02.2019 but no payments were received during the month, as expected, so my profit from ViaInvest was €0.

For a review of ViaInvest click here.

I made a Deposit of €250 in FastInvest on 06.02.2019 but no payments were received during the month, as expected, so my profit from FastInvest was €0.

For a review of FastInvest click here.

I made a Deposit of €100 in Kuetzal on 26.02.2019 but no payments were received during the month, as expected, so my profit from Kuetzal was €0.

Kuetzal February 2019 Overview

For a review of Kuetzal click here.

For the month of February 2019, I invested in 5 different platforms a total amount of €950 and the total return from interest, late fees and secondary market transactions was €55,39. That is a 36.63% increase for last month mainly because of Envestios’ sign up bonus.

One Month Closer To Financial Freedom,
Until next time,

2 Replies to “February 2019 Income Report”

    1. Hello Alexander,
      I rarely use auto-invest since I like looking for deals manually as my morning ritual. However, a couple of weeks ago I was on vacation and set it up to invest automatically during this time and had no problems investing in loans with rates higher than 12%. Make sure to adjust your auto-invest setting to only invest in loans with higher yields if that’s what you are after.


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